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JB's Firearms, LLC

JB's Firearms, LLC is a family owned company in the rural community of Grantsburg Wisconsin. Making the decision to move to the country to raise a family made us more aware of the daily need for the ability to protect and provide using the amazing technology of firearms. Having served in the United States Air Force, being a lifelong hunter trained by his grandfathers, and an avid admirer and student of all things firearm, Bruce has the knowledge and experience needed in serving customers looking for the best fit in firearms.

At JB's Firearms, we believe that every citizen has the right to protect themselves and their loved ones from imminent threat of life altering injury or death.

As a holder of a firearm manufacturing license we can customize your firearm with all the features you desire.

As a holder of an ammunition manufacturing license we can provide custom loads and manufacture the new cartridges of .277 Wolverine and 300 Blackout.

As a licensed SOT dealer we can help you obtain NFA items.

At JB's Firearms we provide all levels of service from the novice to the highly trained. Whether your interest lay in self defense or shooting sports, we welcome you as a customer.

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It all started with a desire to outfit our family with the shooting tools, know how, and accessories for self defense and shooting sports. We hope our experience can benefit you and your family as
well. Call or email us today to let us know what you think. We'd love to hear from you!